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Hi! It’s Mikuwashi here. My real name is Agnieszka, though (you can call me Aga, it’s a shorter version of my name), and I’m Polish. I’m 29 y.o. woman working full time, who has graduated university and finished her official, formal education some time ago, yet I still pursue… studying in my free time. Studying languages.

A very good friend of mine pushed me into considering a study blog, since I’m already quite active in that department on Instagram (bullet journal, watercolours, studying – if you’re interested, my instaname is @mikuwashi). I thought it was an interesting idea, but I decided to run this blog in English – I haven’t done so in a very long time (the last time was around 15 years ago on LiveJournal, I think) and I thought it would be a good language experience, since English isn’t my mother tongue, either! 😉

So, if you like to study languages and want to get to know how I study them, what strategies, methods and resources I have adapted throughout all those years since I started learning my first language (English), there you go. I also plan to include posts on resources, like reviews, comparisons of different resources, new findings etc. The latter, of course, will be, for the time being, limited to the languages I study – Japanese, Korean and German. However, I believe that tips I’m about to give you can be used for multiple purposes and/or languages, so if you’re studying something else – you’re more than welcome to discover and maybe adapt my tips into your own studies. 🙂

I hope you will enjoy the content I’m going to publish here and maybe you’ll even consider following this blog or my other social media, like Instagram (@mikuwashi) or my fb page (Mikuwashi studies).

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