Nice to meet you! 🙂 Thank you for visiting my study blog. Let me introduce myself:

Real name: Agnieszka (Aga for short)
Age: 29
Country: Poland
Working full time.

Instagram: @mikuwashi
Facebook: Mikuwashi studies

I’ve been learning languages since I was very young. My first one was English. Our journey together started back in the 1st grade, I was 7 at the time. Over the last 20 years, it has become my second language and I have no problems expressing myself or understanding what I hear or see (almost) at all. I use English on a daily basis, including work and home.

My journey with Japanese started back in 2007, I was 17 at the time and a sophomore in high school. Ever since I started to become more invested in it than just passively watching anime and absorbing some words here and there, I fell for it completely. I still love English – the sound, the melody, how cleverly you can combine words to create something new (oh gosh, gotta love them English puns). But nothing beats spending time with Japanese. If there’s a love language for everybody on this planet – then Japanese is the language of my heart.

Apart from learning languages, I have been bullet journaling for almost 5 years now and still use this method to plan my days. If you have never heard of bujo (bullet journal) – I highly recommend checking the creator’s website for more details.

Another hobbies of mine include reading (mangas, books, articles – you name it) and video gaming. I especially like to read YA novels and mysteries. I have a love-hate relationship with fantasy (i.e. it’s seasonal – some time I just devour tons of fantasy books and the other time I look at them and think „Nah, I’m good”). I’m a long-time Potterhead as well!

I have always been a huge gamer, ever since I was little (remember DOS games like Jazz Jackrabbit, or Atari and Pegasus, all that old retro stuff? That’s where I started). It’s still one of my most common free time activities till this day, but I upgraded my toys – I swear by Playstation (sorry, xbox users) and JRPGs. I could die for Persona, my favourite franchise. Or Trails of Cold Steel, my 2nd choice. I also love those games providing almost cinematic experience like The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, The Walking Dead from Telltale, Life is Strange and so on. Nowadays I often combine gaming with language studying – I don’t remember the last time I played a game in POLISH, my mother tongue. They’ve been mostly in English and that’s how I picked up the language. I also play games in Japanese – visual novels work wonders for reading and listening skills, believe me! Definitely going to cover them in one of the posts, you can count on that!